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The Cole McDonald Impact Project
RUN ON THE RIVER Grant Application Instructions 

Click image to download the What Do You Do With An Idea? Grant Instructions or see below


Complete the application based on the instructions.


Submit Your Application Here OR See Below

OR email your application to or


OR drop off a hardcopy of your resume/application in a sealed envelope labeled:


at one of the following locations: 

Lake’s Automotive

304 Hwy. 19

Center, Mo. 63436 

The Meadow Campground & Coffee House

15301 US-61, PO Box 241

New London, Mo., 63459

Grant Instructions

To apply yourself or to nominate another person for the grant(s) this year, please submit an essay to also include the following:


1) Tell us about your idea. What do you want to do with your idea?


2) What steps, if any, have you done so far toward your idea?


3) Have you had any roadblocks holding you back? If so, how would you describe your actions or attempts to overcome them? What’s the most difficult challenge implementing your idea?


4) Why do you need or would like to receive this grant? For what would you use the funds?


5) Include a short summary or personal statement about your accomplishments or work history and future goals. Be sure to include how your idea when successful will positively impact your future, your family, and/or your community.


6) Please list any additional comments that you believe would be helpful in the Committee’s decision.

To be considered for this year’s grant, submit information before December 31, 2023, by one of the following ways:


1) return to to upload your                            application/resume file or


2) send in an email to: or or


3) drop off a hardcopy of your resume/application in a sealed            envelope labeled: “ATTENTION: RUN ON THE RIVER-THE          COLE MCDONALD IMPACT PROJECT-2023 GRANT”

    at one of the following locations:

Lake’s Automotive,
304 Hwy. 19,
Center, Mo. 63436
The Meadow Campground &
Coffee House, 15301 US-61
PO Box 241
New London, Mo., 63459

Disclosure Statement: Award(s) is the sole decision of the Run On The River grant committee. This is a workforce application grant and is not intended for only younger age applicants. It will be awarded to person(s) whose use will plan to positively impact their family or community, regardless of recipient’s age. Winner(s) will be notified within four weeks after grant application closure. Persons who submit an application must agree if they are awarded a grant, they will allow the Run On The River grant committee to share their name with the local media, social media and our websites.

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